“ I have applied for 5 Sales Representative roles, any advice on how to increase my chances of becoming apart of CCEP? ”

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If you have been unsuccessful in previous applications my advice would be to understand the reasons for this and work on the feedback and ensure that you are applying for the correct roles and ensuring that you have a fully up to date CV which reflects your employment history and really sells your potential to any employer you are wishing to work for. Make sure your application stands out from the rest of the applicants for all the right reasons

Hanré (J.F.) C.

Thank you Zoe S. This is my first time applying for these roles, so holding thumbs! All similar roles, just different areas, hoping for the best.

Sales Manager, Field Sales, Coca-Cola European Partners

Have a think about the type of Sales roles you are applying for along with the environments you would be expected to work in eg - Corner Shops, Bars, Supermarkets or the office. Bring to life within your CV or interview how your work/life experience links to the job role you are applying for.

Hanré (J.F.) C.

Thank you Vito D, this is great advice, linking your life experiences to your job role is something I completely agree with.

Sales Manager - Field Sales, Coca Cola European Partners

Be yourself and think of the experiences you have that can showcase transferable skills. Use these to align to potential questions whilst showing a solution focussed approach.

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