Wayne B.
Field Sales Manager

About Wayne

Key Experiences

From Nightclubs to Managing Sales Teams..
I decided that I wanted to pursue opportunities in a large forward thinking Company. Coca Cola being a large recognised brand was an obvious choice and I've not regretted the chance I took at all.
Despite my initial reservations on the initial 6 month contract, I made the most of the opportunities in a variety of different selling roles and gained a large breadth of experience in various channels and environments.
I'm really delighted that I now have the experience to coach and advise those coming into sales e

Current Position

I manage a team that covers Grocery outlets maximising revenue
The busy, fast moving and always changeable landscape of Grocery retail provides a full and exciting opportunity for CCEP and sales team to really work with it's customers to maximise sales revenue and volume in a competitive and challenging category.
My role involves building the right level of expertise both internal to the business and also with external stakeholders in order to allow both parties to benefit.
My role includes recruitment and training of individuals to deliver against targets and goals. I also provide support for career development on a personal as well as wider team basis.

Main Motivations

It's great to see Skill set improvement resulting from my coaching
Part of the job focuses on the personal journey of any one individual. Some of my team have great natural selling ability whilst others require additional support to really hone their style and deliver a confident selling story.
I really enjoy that development journey whether it be via formal sales courses or by daily on the job coaching to hone skills. The business has a particularly good selling training programme but changes with new demands, this mean that I too am continually adding to my skill set.

Top Advice

Don't stand still, there's loads of opportunities to go for
Whatever you set your initial goals towards, be mindful that a breadth of experience may unlock another area of interest. I never anticipated I would enjoy management until I took the chance and gave it a go.

Greatest Achievement

My Team won best activated City within Grocery GB cities
Every year we have an internal competition where express our merchandising excellence to our Directors and senior leadership team. This is measured to a set criteria and ran across major cities in our customers outlets.
Despite some very strong competition, my Team was voted best City in GB which was very special recognition not only for our hard work but also how we work with our customers delivering very strong long term results.

Coca-Cola European Partners

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Leading brands, great people and a focus on (personal) growth that comes with it.

Do you like to be able to influence and make a difference? Does a fast paced environment suit you?
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