Elena C.
Field Sales Manager

About Elena

Key Experiences

Working My Way up The Career Ladder At CCEP
I would have to say that every role I have worked in at CCEP has had a large input in helping me to achieve my next move. With each role, I have been able to gain valuable insight on how different areas of the business function.
I spent 6 years working as a sales representative with independent businesses. This taught me strong communication skills including listening and effective questioning, how to prioritise, attention to detail and a good introduction to account management.
I then became a professional sales representative working within the grocery channel. This was my first time dealing with national accounts where I activated and implemented the CCEP business plan in the top 4 grocers: Sainsbury, Asda, Tesco and Morrisons. I was now able to increase volume and value growth, create impactful theatre at front of stores and prepare and present business reviews with both area and store managers. I had done this role for a year and a half before I decided to take on a role which would allow me to grow my commercial skills.
I then moved into the wholesale channel. Within this role I started to execute JBPs in independent and buying group accounts across a range of different wholesale environments. I started to liaise with NAM/KAMs to ensure CCEP lines are listed and executed within depots, guaranteeing all invoices and claims are processed within parameters and working cross collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders.
These are 3 key roles that I have accomplished at CCEP which have provided me with the knowledge and strong coaching skills I now have as a sales manager.

Current Position

London Sales Manager within the Independent Channel
My main priority within my current role is to engage and motivate my team through effective coaching so that they become better sales people. When I see potential in an individual I encourage them to strengthen their skills in order to progress through the business.
Every week, 3 times a week, I hold a video WebEx with my team, where we share best practice, our aspirational targets and results and complete flash learning on brands or commercials. I also have 121 and coaching days with each member of the team 2/3 times a month and hold bi-monthly team meetings within a central London venue.

Main Motivations

Coaching My Team and Individuals to Become Stronger Sales People
I love a challenge and I love change. These things are what motivates me at work. I also work well under pressure and prefer to be thrown in the deep end as this is where I start to thrive and excel.
At CCEP we encourage a feedback culture and I enjoy receiving feedback on a regular basis as I like to know what I'm doing well and what I need to work on.
In my current role I have the fantastic opportunity to not only coach people, but coach them in a way which empowers them to embrace their strengths and focus on their areas of development.

Top Advice

Tick the Boxes You Need That Will Get You to the Next Level
Think of your ideal job role. Research it inside and out, start to network with people that are in that industry.
Write down every skill set that you know is involved in your ideal job and start to look at jobs which either a) has the skill set or something very similar or b) allows you to progress to a role that does.
You do not need a vast amount of experience in lots of different areas and you do not need to be doing a job for longer than you have to in order to work in a role doing what you love.
Tick the boxes you need to tick in order to move on to the next role that will bring you closer to your ideal job. You just have to know what you want and you can get it.

Greatest Achievement

Preparing, Hosting and Winning "Most Improved Market Place"
I volunteered to host the annual GB Board of Directors Market Visit for the grocery channel in 2015. This is where the board of directors for Coca-Cola European Partners would travel around Europe to selected towns and visit a handful of nominated accounts to see which country best represented CCEP.
At short notice the person who was meant to be hosting the nominated accounts for the visit had left the business and to my surprise hadn't prepped the stores or hadn't even made the store managers aware this visit was happening.
I had to act fast as the visit was only 2 weeks away and I knew nothing about the areas or any information about the 3 stores. I visited the accounts every day for 2 weeks, building up strong relationships with all the store contacts, understanding the customer demographic, sales data and agreeing a minimum of 18 local displays within each store plus activating a total of 3 mega Rugby World Cup displays at the store entrances/exits.
Once I had everything in place and the stores looked amazing, I then took 10 VIP delegates around the Twickenham area to show them what I had accomplished.
GB won "Most Improved Market Place." It was the most stressful yet exciting time I had ever had at CCEP.
Not bad given 2 weeks' notice right?

Coca-Cola European Partners

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Leading brands, great people and a focus on (personal) growth that comes with it.

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