“ Hi Elena. What do you think are the most important qualities for someone to excel in a field sales representative role? ”

Michael W. asked a question in topic General
to Elena C. Field Sales Manager, Coca-Cola European Partners

from Michael Whyte
Field Sales Manager, Coca-Cola European Partners

Hi Michael, great question!
Firstly I would have to say that one main quality to have in order to succeed in any role would be to have a growth mind set. At Coca-Cola we are constantly changing our ways of working in order to better suit not just our customers needs but also our employees so being adaptable to change and having an open mind set is key. Another great quality to have which I look for when hiring potential candidates is passion. As long as they are willing to learn and develop their skills, everything else is teachable. Lastly, in order to succeed, it is vital that you are able to demonstrate that you are actively looking to increase your knowledge on the entire business and not just in the department or area you currently work in. A attractive candidate (in my opinion) is someone who can articulate what input they've had towards the business and what impact they would make going forward. Steps I would take would be to network within the company, understand the different roles and departments and look to take on small projects if possible, this shows great cross channel collaboration and communication.

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